Issues about the new path from Belton Hill to Walker Lane

Whilst we are sure you are all delighted by the new path from Belton Hill to Walker Lane (and we would like to express our sincere thanks to LCC’s Public Rights of Way team for it), we are also aware of a few issues that you may be wondering about……

Firstly, why there is a section missing under the railway bridge! This is Network Rail land and LCC need to liaise with them before they can do it as its a live railway above. They are currently in discussions together about tree clearance issues along the stretch from the bridge up to Lightfoot Lane and when they do this final section of public footpath, they will also finish under the bridge.

Secondly, why have different types of hardcore been used on the path? The dreadful weather actually did us a favour as when the contractor was doing the stretch of path behind the Conway Dr houses, they took it upon themselves to provide a base using a very large stone underneath to allow better drainage in this section which has always proved to be a bit of a bog. However there were simply not the funds to do this for the whole pathway. In addition, when the Belton Hill end section was laid, they were forced to lay sodden hardcore due to the weather at the time, so this bit seems a bit spongier whilst it dries out. Hopefully it will be OK, but if not it will be addressed by PCC who will maintain the path in the future and are aware of the issue.