Raise Funds While You Shop

Easyfundraising - We Need You!We have partnered with EasyFundraising.org to raise funds for our project.  It’s a great way to help good causes whilst you are shopping online.  You don’t pay anything extra, and so far over £9 million has been raised for causes throughout the UK.

When you make a purchase with one of the 2,700+ participating retailers, as a thank you for shopping, the retailer provides a donation for you to give to your chosen good cause. Retailers include Amazon, John Lewis and eBay.

easyfundraising retailers

How it works

Step 1

  • 1. Click our shopping link
    Let’s say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis. Instead of going to johnlewis.com directly, you first go to easyfundraising.org.uk.

  • 2. Make a purchase
    From the easyfundraising website, click through to John Lewis to make your purchase.  The price of the shoes is exactly the same.

  • 3. Get a donation
    After you buy your shoes, John Lewis will give you a cash reward that you can turn into a donation for your good cause. The fundraising website collects this and send it on to us at no extra cost.

It really is that easy! So please, next time you shop, click through our link and help us to make our park better!