Draft Plans for Improvements to Conway Park

Friends-of-Conway-Park-600-Over the last 9 months, we have been working behind the scenes to develop some initial ideas for future improvements to the park and surrounding areas.  It is essential that we get your feedback on these ideas so they can be revised to suit the needs and desires of the local community.  The Landscape Architects at Preston City Council are drawing up a draft plan, which will be ready to view from Mon 29th Feb.  We will take this plan to public consultation in various locations as well as putting the details on our soon-to-go-live website (full details of when & where you can see the plan will be posted soon).  We ask that you let us have your thoughts by completing a questionnaire we will also issue.  The survey results will be analysed, discussed and revisions to the draft plan made accordingly.  Once we have a final plan in place, we will need to do some community fundraising to get the project of the ground, so watch this space for details of forthcoming events with this in mind.

4 thoughts on “Draft Plans for Improvements to Conway Park”

  1. Glenn Livingstone says:

    Are there any plans to install additional dog waste bins on the paths?

    1. Carol Shaw says:

      Someone else has also asked this, so the subject will definitely be discussed at the next committee meeting and we will report back to you.

  2. Joe Moxham says:

    Hi, Just a few suggestions/ideas
    There needs to be a bin/s inside the play area for refreshment/picnic waste.
    There needs to be a multi-purpose bin at Stour Lodge entrance. (Nothing shown on the drawing)
    Another multi-purpose bin required at top of the steps before dropping down to railway bridge. (This could be emptied by the dog waste van using the stoned path as access). Some people/dog walkers use the park as a thoroughfare rather than as a circular walk.
    There is only one bench at the north end of the park yet there are 5 outside the play area. Possibly more evenly positioned around the north end of the field and railway side of the field between the car park and the football pitch.
    Another multi-purpose bin placed near the teens/upwards fitness equipment.
    Possibly put picnic areas in the wildflower meadows similar to those around the Guild Wheel. Some people will use this path as a thoroughfare without venturing up on to the field.
    Are 34 car parking spaces enough?
    There could be passing places built in to the vehicular access road to the pavilion rather than motorists churning up the grass as they pass each other.
    There should be more speed bumps put along that road and some sort of roadside planting to prevent motorists driving over the grass.
    More clean up after your dog notices required around the park.
    Put a whistle blower telephone number on the entrance to the park signage to deter irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog waste.
    Provision of a lockable community noticeboard on the pavilion.
    Thank you.

    1. Carol Shaw says:

      We will ensure your ideas are passed on. Watch this space for the revised plan once amendments are made. Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

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