Public Consultation – Where you can view the plans

PUBLIC CONSULTATION:  As promised, we will release the plans which will show various ideas for park improvements as from this weekend.  Please take a look at them and let us have your feedback.  Here are where you can view the plans and collect a questionnaire ….

FULWOOD LEISURE CENTRE:  There will be a display in the entrance foyer as well as a ‘Friends of Conway Park’ representative on the desk at the following times:  Mon 29 Feb (10am to 12noon), Tues 1 Mar (2.45pm to 4pm), Thurs 3 Mar (6.45pm to 8pm), Fri 4 Mar (10.45am to 1.15am)

CADLEY FC:  There will be a display in the Pavillion building on Conway Park, available to view during match days between Mon 29 Feb and Fri 11 Mar.

Parents of school-children who attend Harris, Queen’s Drive or Our Lady’s Primary schools can also view the plans ……  HARRIS:  Tues 8 Mar (2.30pm to 6.30pm) whilst the School Council meeting and Parents Evening are on as well as in the library on Wed.   OUR LADY & ST EDWARDS:  There will be a display in the entrance foyer from Mon 29 Feb to Wed 2 Mar as well as a ‘Friends of Conway Park’ representative on the desk on Mon 29 from 3 to 3.30pm.   QUEENS DRIVE:  Please ask at reception.

They will also be available to view ONLINE.  We will post the details up from this weekend. 

The questionnaire can be completed in paper format or ONLINE.  Closing date for the consultation period is FRIDAY 11 March so please fill out your thoughts and hand in by then.  All feedback will be analysed by Lancs County & Preston City Councils and the plans amended accordingly.  Many thanks.