Draft MasterPlan for Conway Park

The Draft MasterPlan for the park has now been released for public consultation.  Please take a look at the overall ‘Masterplan’ as well as the ‘Play Area’ Plan.  Let us know what your thoughts are by clicking on the survey link.

L-MO-0376-003 B DRAFT MasterPlan Conway Pk-MP-PC

L-MO-0376-004 PLAY AREA Conway Pk-SD-PC

Conway Park Concept Plan Survey

All the details are on our website on the links above, but if you’d rather look at a big paper copy of the plans, call into the Leisure Centre next week or else at the Pavillion on the park on Sunday whilst Cadley FC host their football games.  You can also view the plan at Harris and Our Lady’s School at the times previously stated.



13 thoughts on “Draft MasterPlan for Conway Park”

  1. M Clayton says:

    I hope it all goes ahead, great plan and will make a massive difference to our park.

    1. M Clayton says:

      its a pity we couldnt have a ‘dog exercise area’ where we could let dogs off within an enclosed area

      1. Carol Shaw says:

        Many thanks for your comments. We will discuss them at the next committee meeting and get back to you.

  2. Tony Barker says:

    How about an area specific for dogs off the lead (fenced in) As a dog owner myself i realise that dogs off the lead can be an issue in a park setting, dog mess, scaring people away etc. If there was a secure area maybe near the 5 aside pitch with a secure fence we could let the dogs run around and have no excuse for them not being on the lead in other areas.

    1. Carol Shaw says:

      Many thanks for your comments. We will discuss them at the next committee meeting and report back to you.

  3. Kelly Cassidy says:

    During a few walks that my family and I have taken on the new paths we have come across numerous amounts of dog foul on the paths. There seems to be a lack of dog fouling bins so are there plans to be more and is there any way we can try and eliminate this especially on the playing fields as it is a health hazard for children. One suggestion to stop the dogs fouling in the football pitches is to have the pitches fenced off and maybe having a specialised field area at the end of the park towards the brook that is fenced off for only dogs to run around in.

    1. Carol Shaw says:

      May thanks for your feedback. We will discuss this at the next committee meeting and get back to you with a response. The Friends.

  4. Joe Moxham says:

    Hi, Just a few suggestions/ideas
    There needs to be a bin/s inside the play area for refreshment/picnic waste.
    There needs to be a multi-purpose bin at Stour Lodge entrance. (Nothing shown on the drawing)
    Another multi-purpose bin required at top of the steps before dropping down to railway bridge. (This could be emptied by the dog waste van using the stoned path as access). Some people/dog walkers use the park as a thoroughfare rather than as a circular walk.
    There is only one bench at the north end of the park yet there are 5 outside the play area. Possibly more evenly positioned around the north end of the field and railway side of the field between the car park and the football pitch.
    Another multi-purpose bin placed near the teens/upwards fitness equipment.
    Possibly put picnic areas in the wildflower meadows similar to those around the Guild Wheel. Some people will use this path as a thoroughfare without venturing up on to the field.
    Are 34 car parking spaces enough?
    There could be passing places built in to the vehicular access road to the pavilion rather than motorists churning up the grass as they pass each other.
    There should be more speed bumps put along that road and some sort of roadside planting to prevent motorists driving over the grass.
    More clean up after your dog notices required around the park.
    Put a whistle blower telephone number on the entrance to the park signage to deter irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog waste.
    Provision of a lockable community noticeboard on the pavilion.

    1. Carol Shaw says:

      We will ensure your ideas are passed on. Watch this space for the revised plan once amendments are made. Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

  5. S Bolger says:

    I am a dog owner and walk my dog along the pathway from Belton Hill along through the woodland area to Walker Lane. I do not have to spend money on poo bags as I recycle the bags that I use when I buy my fruit and veg. There is absolutely no excuse to leave dog mess anywhere and it is just lazyness that prevents any dog owner from not picking it up! Have respect for children at least, dog poo can cause children to lose their sight I know that because I went to school with a girl who lost her sight in one eye. I think it’s great that the community are getting together to improve the area and it should not be spoil by irresponsible dog owners. It takes less than 30 seconds to pick up your dogs mess. You wouldn’t leave it on your floor at home so why would anyone want to leave it on pathways for children to run through or fall on. Pick it up!

    1. Carol Shaw says:

      Hi Sheila, I’m sure that the vast majority of your neighbours would agree that it is wholly unacceptable. I myself am a dog owner and regularly pick up more than my own dogs do and I am incredibly annoyed at those who leave it on the ground. If you have any practical suggestions as to how we can all as a community combat this problem, we would welcome your thoughts.

  6. J Darcy says:

    I realise this is probably too late but I am fairly new to the area and only just saw the posters while out walking. The plans are impressive but I also support all those comments about provision needing to be made for dogs and dog owners, who constitute a large proportion of park users. A defined exercise area for dogs is a good idea – I have come across this in parks elsewhere – and more bins are definitely needed.

    1. Carol Shaw says:

      I will forward your comments to the committee group…. there are already a few people who have commented the same.

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