Draft MasterPlan for Conway Park

The Draft MasterPlan for the park has now been released for public consultation.  Please take a look at the overall ‘Masterplan’ as well as the ‘Play Area’ Plan.  Let us know what your thoughts are by clicking on the survey link.

L-MO-0376-003 B DRAFT MasterPlan Conway Pk-MP-PC

L-MO-0376-004 PLAY AREA Conway Pk-SD-PC

Conway Park Concept Plan Survey

All the details are on our website on the links above, but if you’d rather look at a big paper copy of the plans, call into the Leisure Centre next week or else at the Pavillion on the park on Sunday whilst Cadley FC host their football games.  You can also view the plan at Harris and Our Lady’s School at the times previously stated.



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