Why are we fundraising?

Conway Park is owned and run by Preston City Council, so you may be asking “Why are the Friends fundraising?”  Well, as we know, Government funding cuts have meant that many local services have had to tighten their purse-strings and the Parks Services are no exception.  Whilst there were immediate funds available in order to make improvements to the path along the brook, that pot is now empty and there are no further funds available for the playground or park itself.  That is, unless we as a community can raise some money ourselves to get the project off the ground, then we can tap into various grants, etc to cover the large majority of the costs.   Similar projects (eg Grimsargh & Levensgarth) where local community Friends groups have done the same have been a huge success.   Our own fundraising events and initiatives are an extremely important part of the process, so if you can join the cause and help wherever you can, it will much appreciated by the whole community.  Get your tickets for our first fundraising event on the 21st May by visiting our website.  http://www.friendsofconwaypark.co.uk/event/hotpot-supper-fundraising-event/