Conway Park Improvements – Public Consultation Update

A total of 494 questionnaire door drops have been achieved including every single house bordering the park. A total of 46 laminated posters advertising the public consultations have been erected around the park and the surrounding area. We held a well attended consultation on Thursday evening and another yesterday. Generally speaking, we have received mostly good positive feedback. We appreciate that not everyone wants to improve the park and its facilities – that is the purpose of the public consultation ….. to ascertain the public’s wishes.

 We would like to ask everyone to PLEASE give your feedback in an official capacity by completing a questionnaire, whether good or bad. This is the last time you will be able to have your say and offer your own opinion.  Please don’t leave it until it is too late. View the plans and complete the survey form now. Also, please help us to spread the word about the consultation by telling your neighbours.