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Two new benches for the park

The Friends of Conway Park have managed to secure funding for two new benches for the park.   They will be on order shortly and the Parks Services team have agreed to install them.  The locations will probably be one of the positions detailed on the

Food, Entertainment & Prizes… What’s not to love?

Sat 21st May.  6-9pm.  What are you planning to do…. Watch Britain’s Got Talent?  We’ll have better ‘local’ talent on offer at St Martins Parish Hall, Broadway – both the Free Voices Community Choir and the Sandra Mills Dance School will be putting on a show. 

Feedback from the Draft Plans

All feedback from the initial public consultation has now been passed to Lancs County Council who will liaise with the Preston City Council Landscape Architects and Parks Services in order to tweak the Draft Plans accordingly in the next couple of months.  We await the

Why are we fundraising?

Conway Park is owned and run by Preston City Council, so you may be asking “Why are the Friends fundraising?”  Well, as we know, Government funding cuts have meant that many local services have had to tighten their purse-strings and the Parks Services are no

Give us your feedback by Fri 11th March

Only two more days left to let us know your views on the Draft MasterPlan for the park.  Please go to our website and take a look at the overall ‘Masterplan’ as well as the ‘Play Area’ Plan.  Let us know what your thoughts are by

Draft MasterPlan for Conway Park

The Draft MasterPlan for the park has now been released for public consultation.  Please take a look at the overall ‘Masterplan’ as well as the ‘Play Area’ Plan.  Let us know what your thoughts are by clicking on the survey link. L-MO-0376-003 B DRAFT MasterPlan

Draft Plans for Improvements to Conway Park

Over the last 9 months, we have been working behind the scenes to develop some initial ideas for future improvements to the park and surrounding areas.  It is essential that we get your feedback on these ideas so they can be revised to suit the needs